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A 1 on 1 workshop on a perfect Sunshine Coast Day.

Yesterdays 1 on 1 workshop with Pete was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. Pete had been using his camera on some pretty epic trips and he has even had the opportunity to photograph ice burgs. Pete found my workshop online and said it represented great value and booked in over a month ago.

We met at our outdoor location and I said, welcome to your classroom for the next 2.5 hours. This was another reason that Pete booked with me as he had the chance to photograph real life instead of being stuck in a classroom and being subjected to death by power point.

We picked a spot that was close to the water in the shade and went through the dry parts of photography, as I call them, and Pete was shooting in manual from this point. We walked around our location which provided great landscape images, bird life, and places for portraits. We even saw a whales fluke just behind an image we were taking which is unusual this time of year.

We practised composition and looked at the possibilities that shooting at different heights offered and how it changed the perspective of the image. We practised using the built in flash for some images which allows you to fill in the shadows to make your subject pop.

After the workshop, Pete was amazed by how much he had learned in just 2.5hrs compared to hours watching online videos, which in the end, just confuses most people. Pete was more confident that he was going to get the image he wanted and not rely on the camera to do it for him in auto mode.