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NZ 2019 Day 15 - Last Day

Day 15 Christchurch - Home

Last day in NZ and we have a few hours to fill in as we drop our motor home back at 12.30 and we have to check out of the caravan park by 10.00. Before we drop the motor home back we have to empty the waste from the motor home and fill it up with fuel. There's a fuel station out the front of the caravan park and so we fill up there and think about what we should to do to fill in the hours. Our usual plan is to go to the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve (Link) but it was raining so we ended up going to the Air Force Museum of New Zealand (Link) as it was undercover and warm. It took about 15 mins to drive there and we had to park a fair distance from the entrance to the building so we made a run for it through the rain. Upon entry my jaw dropped !! This place is huge and all undercover with planes hanging from the roof and displays that were very well presented. And you guessed it, it has a cafe with hot coffee :) And it's Free but though do as for a donation.