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NZ day 8-9

Day 8

Today we leave Haast and are travelling to unknown destination and will see where we get :) Just out if Haast you come to the Haast river bridge which seems to go on for ever at 737 metres (2,418 ft) it is the longest one-lane road bridge in New Zealand, and the 7th longest New Zealand bridge overall. It has 2 passing bays on it and you have to admire the truckies who drive over it with tandem trailers. After we stopped and took some pics we continued on to Ship Creek where you can do the Dune Lake Walk and there is a little viewing tower you can climb up and get a great vantage over the surrounding area. The waves were crashing onto the beach and the stream was travelling quite fast and our Son had great delight throwing drift wood in and following it till it hit the crashing waves. The beach is littered with washed up trees and and large pebbles instead of sand that we are used to.

Haast Bridge

We then moved onto Fox Glacier where we walled the track out to the Glacier viewing platform which takes about 45 min each way with a few very steep sections where can tell without a doubt you have lungs :) I had a few breaks along the way and finally made it to the viewing platform. From the platform you can see the glacier and also look down to see how far the glacier has receded over the years from markers in the ground. It just goes to show you how global warming is effecting nature and every year it seems to be getting worse. I fear Mother Nature will say enough is enough one day and give us a wake up call :)

We decided to try to get to Lake Matherson, which is a turn off just before you leave Fox Glacier and is 6 klms out, and we made it out there and started to walk but decided to turn back and it was quite a walk to get any decent shot and we wanted to get to Frans Joseph for the night. We left the car park and made the 30 odd klms trip to Frans Joseph and pulled into a top 10 caravan park that we had stayed in 15 years ago on our first trip to NZ. There is a good facilities there and also a games room where my Son challenged me to a game of pool which he lost, so we had another :)