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NZ days 6-7

The Wanaka Tree

Day 6:

The day started at 6.15 as we had to catch the 8.30 shuttle bus up to Cardrona for our Son's first snow board lesson from our Albert town camp. We made it to the shuttle with time to spare and we started our accent to the main building which is 1670 m above sea level and takes approx 20 mins. We got to the top and immediately went for coffee and another layer of clothes. My wife's feet were cold even though she had a think socks on and good quality hiking boots so a new pair of warmer socks were purchased. I was like a kid in a candy store with so much colour and things going on around me to capture so I could not wait to get outside and start. We found the beginners section and started to get our Son accustomed to being strapped to the board and trying to balance. He soon found that it was not as easy as he saw in the winder Olympics but persisted to his credit. The instructor, Jess, turned up and she had a group of about 6 kids of varying ages to teach. We left him to work on his technique with Jess and I went about having fun capturi