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Day 7 of my 7 day Tassie adventure.

Well it's my last day and I am in the motor home park at Barilla packing my gear and giving my home for the last seven days a clean out. I gather all the food that is left and I look around for potential travellers to gift it to. I started talking to a family across the road and they informed me that they have just flown in from Sri Lanka the night before, which I am told is very hot at present, and they will be travelling around Tassie for the next couple of weeks. They told me their rough itinerary and let them know where the free camps I stayed at were and some high lights to see on the way. After giving them my surplus supplies, I headed out of the caravan park and went to seven mile beach. I grabbed a coffee and sat on the beach thinking about what I could do for the next couple of hours before dropping of the motor home and heading home.

But you know what, I just sat there and thought about all the fun and good times I have had on my mini adventure.

It started of by meeting the fascinating Allan Bull and his wife Rhonda on the plane. With his endless passion for hand crafting pieces of art that he calls "Classical Guitars" and the wonderful visit that I had to his home where he showed me how and where they came to life. Not to mention the wonderful lunch I was treated to and the hospitality I received.

When I picked up the motor home I had to pinch myself that I was not dreaming and I was so excited to get going and start exploring.

The people I met along the way that were as passionate about photography as I am and the stories we shared about our travels and experience. We shared images of where had been on this great island and regaled each other on how we heard about these place and what we did to get the shot :)

Meeting up with old friends who just get your passion and embrace it as you do. Going to locations together, having a good laugh along the way and just enjoying each others company. Thanks for showing me around your back yard Jac and have a Vanilla slice for me next time you go to Guide Falls :)

Then there was the absolute privilege of capturing the sun rises and sunsets at some of the most beautiful places on earth that really you can only truly appreciate by being there in the moment.

So after I filled the motor home up with diesel and returned it, I dragged my suitcase and what seemed like 50 kg of photography equipment in my back pack, to the airport terminal and checked in. After I went through security, I ran into a client of mine and his wife who were in Hobart for a wedding anniversary of a friend. It is truly a small world :)

I had a very smooth flight and a hassle free 1 hour drive home from Brisbane airport home to be greeted by my Wife and Son who apparently missed me for some reason :)

So if you get the chance, visit the lovely Tasmania as it is a very special place on this earth and has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. The people are friendly and scenery is mind blowing and I can tell you this, I will be there the same time next year :) If you want to get a motor home and join me, let me know and we will have a ball.

Here are a few pics and if you want to see the gallery of my Tassie adventure is here: which I will be adding to as I get the time to edit them.

If you have any questions about the images I have taken like how did I get the clouds to look like that or the water blurry, please send me an email and I will explain to you how it was taken. Or if you would like to do a workshop with me, that can be arranged also.

Well better get my bag packed again as the family and I are are off to New Zealand for a 14 day adventure. I may even do a blog on our travels so stay tuned.

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