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Tasmanian Adventure days 5-6

Day 5 - So after surviving a night of the motor home being buffeted by high winds and rain, I awoke to find a partly clouded sky and the wind was still quite strong. I packed up the motor home, said goodbye to me friend Jacqui and headed towards Deloraine to catch up with my print house where all my printing work is done. I met Hanja at a photography workshop I attended in Nov 2015 in Launceston and her and her husband, Wayne, own Photo Extra in the main st. After have a good chat with Wayne about where I have been and what scenes I was still looking for, I noticed and image printed on the wall in his shop with a barn in it. Now this barn was something else and in a location with mountains behind it and long grass. As it turns out it was only about 25 klms away so Wayne drew me a mud map and after saying goodbye, left to find this jewel.

When I arrived at the barn, it was raining heavily and seeing this was a little old farming road, it was quite skinny. I had to park the motor home half off the road and half on which was a concern as a few large trucks had been passed on the way in. So here I am a tad concerned about the motor home being crushed and the rain poring down when I decided to get out and get the below shot. The clouds were low and dramatic and I think you will agree that it made for a better image than being clear with a blue sky :)