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Tasmanian Adventure days 3-4

Day 3 - Well today stated at 5.30 am as I prepared the motor home to move to the location I scouted yesterday afternoon. I left my Swim Cart Beach free camp and arrived around 6.30 ready for the rise. I set my tripod up, attached the L Plate to my camera body and mounted my 16-35 F/4 lens and waited for the suns first light. Now there is something very peacefully will waiting for the rise and I must admit it is a very special time of the day. The sun started to rise with a few low lying clouds around and took on was a very orange ball shape. Coming up through the clouds the suns rays split and went up and down from the cloud in a fan shape and I was so fortunate to see it do this. Now the little lone tree image was in the bag I worked my way around some other areas close by and managed to get a few more landscape and also some bird images. All in all a very successful outing.

So it's 9.30 by now and it's a 3 hours and 45 min drive to my friends house in Hawley Beach so better get a wriggle on. I headed out through Binalong Bay and climbed over the range from St Marys into Fingal, Avoca and Conara then onto Highway 1 up to Hawley Beach. Going through Avoca the temperature dropped to 0 degrees and a thick fog appeared that lasted for 20 odd minuets of driving. I was told it go down to -4 that morning