Workshops are available for people whom have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera that would like to move from the Auto dial and explore the more creative settings of their camera. The workshops will be held at an outdoor location where participants learn about camera settings and when to use them, in a group setting. After training on how to expose correctly in Manual mode, participants will put in to practice what they have learned while we explore the Pt Cartwright area and refine the settings to get the image style they are after. You will be confident using the Manual setting after the workshop and your photography will have improved. 

I have structured these workshops in a way that will not bombard participants with information overload and they will have a greater understanding of how to expose an image. These works shops are also priced accordingly so instead of paying $250.00 plus for a 6 hour workshop, you can come to mine, learn the fundamentals of exposure, go home and practice, then come back and do another workshop to further your skills. Best part is you will still be better of financially so more money to spend on gear. 

Duration will be around 2.5 - 3 hours and is limited to a maximum of 5 participants so plenty of time to ask questions and learn quicker.

Workshop notes will be provided to all participants to take away and refer to when needed. 

Cost is $90.00 per person for groups of up to 5.

One on One workshops can be organised at a cost of $150.00.

Click here to book a workshop. Note: After you click on Book It, click on the time and then click on next. 


Location- La Balsa Park

Point Cartwright

Run most Saturday's and every second Friday. 

Gift Vouchers are also available. 

Please call me if you would like discuss me attending your next group meeting to deliver the workshop.

What previous workshop attendees had to say:

Joey Barnanrd

What an awesome workshop! You joined the dots for me, filled in the gaps in my knowledge, explained how aperture, shutter speed, ISO work together, when shutter speed rules, when aperture rules, settings in my camera that makes all the difference! You are an awesome teacher! I will be returning to learn more! Thank you!

Jill Rowan

I recently completed a workshop with Grant and my Canon 550D and it's various lenses. Some of the items covered in the workshop were setting up my camera, ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, how to set up a photo, use of flash. The workshop is practical and Grant teaches effectively. I even braved my macro lens towards the end!

These workshops are a great idea (or gift) for anyone entering the world of photography as well as anyone interested in fine tuning the use of their camera and interested in specialised photography.

Stephanie Wyatt

Grant was fantastic. As I am a beginner he kept everything in simple terms. The session was hands on and fun, with plenty of time to take photos. I learnt so many new techniques and have taken photos that I never thought I’d be able to. Definitely recommend doing this session with Grant.

Raelene Bennett

Grant is a fantastic teacher especially for absolute beginners like me he is patient and he explains things in an easy to understand way. I've started using my camera a lot more since I did my introduction to photography workshop with Grant.

Michael Whereat

Grant took all the time I needed to learn the basics of photography. Thoroughly recommend for others.


Robert Gore

I had the opportunity, this past Saturday, to enjoy a beginners photography workshop with Grant Richards Photography. The workshop was not only very informative, as Grant possesses extensive knowledge on the subject, but it was also very enjoyable! I learned how to use my new Canon DSLR properly (as well as a newbie can) and practiced how to take good pictures. I highly recommend taking this workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of their camera. Thank you Grant.